Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 7 Assignment

Hey class, before I give you the assignment, let me post this email Mark sent me. He wanted me to post this so that you can all benefit from it; it is a correspondence between Ivan and Mark on issues regarding technique.

Hi Mark,
I seem to have run across 3 problems with painting in oils so far.
1) When blending, do I blend every 'step' of lighter/darker color I lay down before laying down the next step of darker/lighter color?
2) On the previous topic, what is the best way to remedy the situation when whilst blending a 3rd/4th subsequent layer, and you accidentally touched a darker spot and accidentally pulled a substantial amount of that color into your blend?
3) Also, as I keep moving from one spot to another to blend the darks into the lights, my brush keeps on carrying on 'darker' colors onto my next blend, so my blends keep on getting darker and darker. Is it necessary to clean my brush after every blend?
Thanks for your time,
Mark's response:

Well you're right about the black getting into things so I recommend that you draw with blue until you thoroughly have transitioned warm to cool. Build up the ball like the warm cool transition scale with no core or blacker edge of core shadow . Go qll the way to the light.lightes. light. Each time you add ochre in smaller area, then yellow then the smallest area of white you hardly qre to blend. White you can only blend at the end and only within a quarter inch of space or you will wreck it with pastiness.
Then add the black into the blue for the cores at the end trying not to carry the black blending too far into the color or you will screw it up. Them aff orange into the reflected lightw, always blending but be careful about dragging the black core into the blend. If you do wipe it off and try again.
And onto the actual assignment:

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